A Look Back

A just a quick look back over my blog posting history that started in July…. man was that an intense November. 

One Post Every Day in November

Day 1: Everyday November Day 2: In a Dog’s World Day 3: Cooking Bacon Day 4: Egg on Toast Day 5: Sorting Cookie Cutters

Onto December Soon

The November blog posting challenge will be wrapping up tomorrow. I’ll be posting a recap of my post of over the last month as wrap up but have decided to take this evening to reflect.

Natural Nut Butter

If you’re ever at a farmer’s market that sells natural nut butter, I suggest you give it a try. It’s great in peanut butter cookies and almond butter makes a great substitute for an even nuttier flavor. 

Sunday Groceries

Recently the established pattern appears to be to going grocery shopping on Sundays. Grocery shopping tends to go one of three ways:

Finishing Strong week 1 recap

If you missed my Instagram fitness accountability stories I’ve made a collection of them here. So far I am off to a good start.

Inspiration: Naked Cakes

Naked cakes seem to be trending in the last year or so. Whether you like to follow the flow or love the idea of a cake with minimal frosting, then this just may be the cake for you.

Happy Turkey Day

I hope you all are having a wonderful day surrounded by friends and family.



Eggnog is Popular

Apparently, eggnog is popular or at least the Instagram hashtag is. Yesterday I posted one of my cookie pictures with a glass of eggnog and of course included a hashtag to the favorite drink and post workout (yes I got one in yesterday) I checked back to the surprise of over 100 likes on the post!

Finishing the Year Strong

I’ve been on a journey for a year now. Last November I joined a gym, I talk about it a bit in one of my earliest posts on the blog, here. Change was in the air I suppose as many events have unfolded since then. I felt that as it is near the mid-end of November again I would reflect back on that first step. 

A Wall of Books

A dream of mine has been to have a wall of books. Floor to ceiling bookcase filled with books that I love and enjoy.

Productive Rainy Day

Yesterday was just one those rainy days when you stay inside where it’s nice and warm and feel like curling up to take a nap. Which yes I did nap, but also managed to get a few things done.

Autumn Leaf Cookies

Along with the flower cookies, I made a few leaf shape cookies to ice and coat in these sprinkles. 

Take Three – Video Editing on my Phone

This time I used an iPhone app to edit my video, it is a bit long since the highest speedup is only x2, but yeah no black border and it is not stretched out!