Autumn Leaf Cookies

Along with the flower cookies, I made a few leaf shape cookies to ice and coat in these sprinkles. 

Take Three – Video Editing on my Phone

This time I used an iPhone app to edit my video, it is a bit long since the highest speedup is only x2, but yeah no black border and it is not stretched out! 

Video Editting – Icing Cookies

Take two at video editing! Aspect ratio is better this time around, so yea improvement! I’ll keep at, let me know if you have any tips.

Making Sugar Cookies

I’ve been in the kitchen lately making sugar cookies and getting ready to ice them. Here are a few pics from the process.

Ikea Plants

On Sunday Ben and I explored the new Ikea with some good friends. Here are a few thoughts:

1. It’s massive. 2….

Customizable Pasta Dinner

It’s nice when after a long day you can easily put a dinner together. One of my go-to’s is pasta with plain alfredo then each bowl can be customized with spices.

I Flipped The Egg

It’s Saturday morning again, ya’ll and I am once again practicing my sunny-side-up egg making skills.

Cooking Therapy

Sometimes chopping away at some ground beef to make it into small pieces can be therapeutic in a way.

November Sunset

After being cooped up inside all day Emma and I went outside to toss around the tennis ball. I took the time to snap a few pictures and play around with the slow-mo on my phone.

Egg on Toast

Since I have started I have learned that making sunny-side-up eggs is harder than it looks.

Cooking Bacon

A couple nights ago I made a quiche lorraine, filled with mild cheddar cheese and bacon! This made me think about how I always recall microwaving bacon while growing up.

In a Dog’s World

Every day after work I get to come home to this amazing four-legged friend, Emma. Day 2 of my blog every day in November challenge I am going to blog not about food but about my Corgi named Emma. 

Everyday November

A new month with new goals to set. Last month I was pleasantly surprised to find that I like pumpkin recipes. I tried some main dishes, desserts, and even a dip. Now into November, I am challenging myself to blog every day.