Looking up

Often we find ourselves watching our feet…

Somethings Just Keep On Giving

On Sunday I took the time to admire the beauty in my own backyard to look at the spring flowers grow. Read more to find out what surprise I found!

Butternut Squash Soup

We tried out an organic butternut squash soup, I topped my bowl with parmesan, parsley, and a bit of garlic. 

New Camera

Ben gave me a DSLR camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T6, early for Christmas this year!

Trying Pumpkin… Alfredo

This fall I am making a pointed effort to try pumpkin. With the season change and with seeing pumpkin this and pumpkin that, popping up everywhere, I’ve decided to see if I can find something I can enjoy. Personally, I’d prefer a raspberry or concord grape pie to pumpkin, so I’ll skip the pie.

Thus I happened upon this Pumpkin Alfredo recipe by Yellow Bliss Road.

How I Started Drinking Coffee

I did not grow up in a coffee drinking family. The only coffee in the house were a couple things of instant coffee stored in the pantry and forgotten about except on Thanksgiving day. On Thanksgiving, we got out all of my Mom’s nice china which included a set of coffee cups and saucers. Following the main meal, my Mom would set the kettle and offer up coffee, decaf and caffeinated (we did at least have options) and tea. 

Homemade Rolled Ice Cream

I’ve been seeing this lately all over, ice cream made in a flat sheet, scraped up into rolls, and served. It looks so cool. I found a recipe and thought I would give it a try. Check out the photos below. Note I think I need to give it another go, but next time half the recipe for my baking sheet so the ice cream is thin and easier to roll and fewer sprinkles. My sprinkle density ended up a little high since they sank to the bottom and I didn’t realize how much I had already put in. 

Food Photography: Biscuits & Coffee

As I continue my blog, I’ve decided to work on building my photography skills. Check out the three photos below from a post-work snack I had last week.