Iced Pumpkin Bites

I decided to wrap up this month of trying new pumpkin recipes with something sweet. Pumpkin bites coated in maple icing.

Pumpkin in My Mac n’ Cheese!

Some people binged on ramen in college, I had my boxes of mac n’ cheese. So I was quite happy to see that my pumpkin recipe magazine included a pumpkin mac n’ cheese. No surprises on this one, I totally liked it, but I would say it’s better made with a partner in the kitchen.

Whipped Up a Pumpkin Dip

I really had a great time baking and swapping stories with my friend that Sunday afternoon as we baked our scones and coffeecake. That wasn’t all we made. We whipped up an easy one filled with pumpkin puree goodness, this pumpkin dip.¬†

Pumpkin and Chocolate, Yes Please!

Whoever first decided to put pumpkin and chocolate together, was a genius. A few Sundays¬†ago we also made a pumpkin coffee cake from the same recipe book as the ginger pumpkin scones. I noticed in the book that apparently pumpkin and chocolate can go together as noted in other recipes… and well we had some chocolate chips on hand and decided to toss them into our coffee cake.

Sunday’s Ginger Pumpkin Scones

This last Sunday I had a wonderful time hanging out in a friends kitchen trying new pumpkin recipes. One of which is a ginger pumpkin scone that I found in a magazine at the grocery checkout. This little recipe magazine is just perfect for my October, it is dedicated to all pumpkin recipes! So, of course, I just had to get it and try some out. 

Amazing Pumpkin Snickerdoodles!

I found these cookies while searching for pumpkin recipes to try this month and have fallen in love. The Pinterest post I found calls them soft and chewy, and I would definitely¬†agree. ¬†Just so yummy, I can’t help but a grab a few at a time! If you like pumpkin desserts and snickerdoodle cookies I strongly suggest you bake yourself a batch.