Productive Rainy Day

Yesterday was just one those rainy days when you stay inside where it’s nice and warm and feel like curling up to take a nap. Which yes I did nap, but also managed to get a few things done.

Autumn Leaf Cookies

Along with the flower cookies, I made a few leaf shape cookies to ice and coat in these sprinkles. 

Take Three – Video Editing on my Phone

This time I used an iPhone app to edit my video, it is a bit long since the highest speedup is only x2, but yeah no black border and it is not stretched out! 

Video Editting – Icing Cookies

Take two at video editing! Aspect ratio is better this time around, so yea improvement! I’ll keep at, let me know if you have any tips.

Inspiration: Crafts and Cookies

Today’s post is to those who love to create delicious cookies that mimic other crafting styles and those who love to sew and paint.